Remove borders

How can you eliminate borders from all around an avi. I,ve heard of avisynth filters but which filter and will you keep the same quality once the borders are gone or is there some other method?Presently when played back on the tv the image is in the centre but it looks like it would be in full screen just surrounded by a large border . I have seen this flix on tv in full screen before and wonder if I eliminate the borders will the image go full screen and retain the quality. I have heard the name of the image as being a postage stamp. Does this make any sense?Thank you in advance.

You don’t need to “filter” at all using Avisynth.

If not avisynyh then how can I encode to get full screen without the surrounding borders?Thanks again.

What I meant was that you only need to use crop() and perhaps some kind of resize if you need a specific size. The quality will be the same but the recompression may be lossy depending on which format you use.

How does the script go for cropping. Can crop be found in virtualdub. I have also seen resize in vdub but how do you get it full screen without lossy.Would crop first then resize.Is it possible to get a sample script. I have done add borders a while ago but can’t remember how the script goes. Any help or point in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thanks again


Crop (int left, int top,neg int width, neg int height)


See the manual for more information.

Thank you Very much appreciated will give it a go asap.

Thanks worked great