Remove black lines

How do I remove the black lines at the top and bottom??

I us dvdfab… but it does not seem to have that option. :sad:

Do I need another program?? :confused:


You sure the black lines are in the movie and not just a helpful function of your television?

Yes try your remote! zoom, fit to screen,wide,stretch,etc…

Are you talking about the widescreen formated dvds with the black lines? If so, then you can not remove this because this is the way the movie was made, unless you try t0nee1’s idea, but you’ll lose some picture to the right and left. Maybe try looking for a fullscreen version?

Well in some dvd rippers you can crop the output file, but the ones I’ve tried doesn’t support ac3 sound. Dvdfab support ac3 sound but there’s no crop function. Does anyone know a dvdripper that support both??

You’ll have to completely re encode, cropping away roughly 30% of the picture. Since, when it was created at 2.35:1 (usually closer to 2.40:1) the director often used the full width available to him, by cropping away the sides you’ll sometimes be left with parts of figures, where originally the entire figures were visible. By “zooming” in, you’re also losing resolution. Things will look “blurrier” and less detailed. In addition, you’ll lose a lot of the “grandeur” that the wider format gives you. I can create the same effect by using the Zoom on my DVD Player remote, although I don’t. You should also be able to do it, using the remote on your player or TV set. I guess you know these things already. So, personally, I, and a lot of other people, think this is a really dumb idea, and once you become more knowledgeable, you’ll regret having done it. In addition, I believe that HBO and others, when they cut down the width, do a real Pan-And-Scan, whereas you can only do a crop.

Here are before and after 2:35:1 to 1:85:1 - AviSynth will do what you want.

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