Remove Anti-Theft Movie from Backup

I make backups so my originals are not damaged but he kids who don’t pay attention to them and I don’t like ot keep buying CDSkins for every DVD I own. One added bonus about also making backups is I can usually remove trailers and now this new Anti-Theft clip 0:48 which stops you from FFWD to the title menu.
Test subject was the DVD Sahara
I made an ISO using CloneDVD removing the 13th title chapter 1 the 0:48 clip leaving chapter 2 0:00 blank clip.
Using DVD Decrypter I to this master and burned it to a dual layer DVD.
Worked fine… :a I thought it will not play in any DVD player hooked to TV.
Plays just fine on the computer runs through and provides the desired skip of the no longer existing clip and the title menu appears all menu links are good.
Also tried it on the portable Panasonic DVD player (another reason for backups, have lost/broken more DVD’s while traveling) works as it should.

When I reviewed the ISO using DVDShrink I got a navigation error exists.

Question is why does it work from autoplay or directly accessing the menus in some players and not in others? :confused:

I really would like to know before I make and more remastered DVD’s that will only play on the portables especially on a DL platter.


Do you mean you completely removed it, by deleting it?? If so, the Player is getting stuck because it is looking for the VOB Cell and cannot find it.

You can try VobBlanker to blank out the cell, or completely make the DVD Skip the VTS by editing the IFO using IFOEdit. Just test playback or burn on an RW first as this can cause stupid things to happen, but I have not had problems yet.

Launch IFOEdit and open VIDEO_TS.IFO. Press “Get VTS Sectors” and then select “tools=>backup IFOs”. Close the program and relaunch it and Open VIDEO_TS.IFO again.

Then expand “VGM_MAT”. IT will then say First Play. Now scroll down to the pre commands and see what PGC menu it points to. If it says “(Jump_TT) Jump to Title 13”, you will have to edit the IFO that belongs to Title 13 (VTS_xx_0.IFO).

Open the VTS_xx_0.IFO andyways and check out the Pre and Post commands under “VTSM_PGCI_UT” (epand and select the Root Menu). If there are a lot of post commands that seem to do something important, modify the number of precommands to equal the number of pre commands + post commands, So if there are 6 pre and 8 post edit the number to be 14 pre and 0 post. This will be just above the Pre Commands where it will say something like “number of Pre Commands…” Double click and change the number. If you do this, it should skip this VTS, since it will automatically follow the post command to jump to a VMG PGC Menu before playing the clip. Press save and then press “DVD Play” If it skips the preview stop, you are finished, if not, close the program and copy and paste the backup IFO and relaunch IFOEdit. Then Open VIDEO_TS.IFO

Continuing from the paragraph before the last…

The First play Pre Command should point to a PGC number. Expand “VMGM_PGCI_UT” and then click on the menu that the First play points to (Jump to PGC X); something like “LU_1 (English) PGC-Menu_X”, where X is then number. Now scroll down to the Pre Commands and find the one that says “(Jump_TT) Jump to Title 13”. Change this one to Either “NOP” or “(JumpSS_VTSM) Jump to Title Set Menu” using the drop boxes. Then point it to the RooT Menu of the main movie. Save the IFO and test playback. If changing the command to NOP did not work how you wanted it to, use the second one. This will make the movie jump straight to the main menu.

You can use the same logic to delete playback of FBI Warnings, Ratings, Previews, etc… You can also go into the IFO of the VTS the clip is in and see if you can “Delete Playback” of the Program. This may work in some cases.

This appeoach is by no means simple and can take 10 minutes or so, but reduces the amount of errors from just deleting or blanking.