Remove Annoying Trailers ... Jump To Main Movie ... works, but



it does on 99% of all movies, but i am recently coming across some movies where those trailers/warnings/copyright mssgs dont seem to be in a separate file, but right inside and at the very beginning of the first actual movie part.

is there any way to get rid of them? the only way i could think of is to cut out the first 30-60 seconds of the beginning, but how could this be done (reasonably easily)?

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The best way is to use something like Vob Blanker where you can literally blank out the cells you don’t want. It works quite well.


Not sure if clonedvd does it but if you get some dvd burning software, right now I know of one that works is DVD X Copy Plat. and do just the movie only it will not have anything but the movie. No FBI Warning ect…


CloneDVD will remove them if they are separate, but, he’s saying they are buried in the beginning of the movie itself. I hate that. Vob Blanker will allow him to get rid of that nonsense.


Can you give an example of these movies? I’ve haven’t come across any and would be interested in experimenting a little.


I’ve seen quite a few. Unfortunately, I don’t have any examples off the top of my head, but, it’s becoming more and more common that they throw that crap at the beginning of the movie rather than the beginning of the disc. The “don’t copy this disc” thing, studio logos, copyright notices, etc, etc. Sometimes it can take several minutes after clicking “play movie” before you actually GET to the damn movie. Hence I feel his pain. At least if you rip the movie you can fast forward through all that or sometimes chapter skip it, but, really, do we need it wasting valuable space on our backups?! :slight_smile: I wish I could think of some recent examples for you…


DVD X COPY also does not work, correct are all those of you above that understood that these ‘trailers’ are actually INSIDE the very first part of the movies, and no program could actually detect them (unless seeing the movie and then applying human logic …).

BURIED describes this more than correctly.

as a sample you can just use ANY movie you have on hand already: just try to remove the first one minute of whatever is there. after the standard trailers, after the standard FPI warning, after the standard copyright notice were removed already: then remove the first minute.

and yes, there are many of them, and more and more coming out.

will try to use VOB BLANKER and then report back.

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anybody has actually tried VOB BLANKER? gave it a quick look (actually trying it would take all night), and it seems it too only blanks intros which are in different files, not part of the movie.

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try shrink it should work. with the new anydvd


If its actually burried in the movie, cant you just use the sissors function in clonedvd2?


not if part of the movie is in the chapter…but if the movie isn’t then yes.


that 15-50 second part of the movie is always in the same chapter!

and are the scissors not just for the preview, or do they actuall determine what is copied?

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the scissors only cut by chapters. so you would lose part of the movie if it’s in that chapter.


Searching garners excellent results. :slight_smile:

CDFREAKS Page asking for Tutorial

VobBlanker Tutorial

It most definitely will blank what you want, you just have to learn how to use it. I’ve done it quite a bit but since I’ve been doing 1:1 copies lately I haven’t had to use VobBlanker in about a month or two.


well, i had looked at that tutorial, but there it says too ‘’ … We can also use this screen to “Cut” the unwanted parts of the Video but its beyond the scope of this Guide … ‘’, which, to be honest, to me makes it sound like ‘it is far to difficult if not impossible, so dont bother’.

also, i was basically looking for a simple and easy solution. with VOBblanker i first have to rip the entire movie to HDD, then cut if (if i can), then shrink or copy it. entire nights gone …

for one or two movies OK, but if the industry starts to give me more and more movies of that sort, forget it.

i know the people of SLYSOFT are probably out on the beach right now (when i see there addrs, i have that vision), but wouldnt that be the place to get real brainstorms, easily? like an ANDVD/CLONEDVD function that says ‘‘SKIP FIRST xxx / LAST xxx seconds of movie’’ ?

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I’d buy the argument that it’s a pain to remove that stuff. As long as the PUOs are removed, which if you use AnyDVD they are, then you can just skip that crap so it’s not too horrible. VobBlanker does take some work. DVD Shrink might be able to cut that stuff out, but, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve used it. Good luck!


hey, you are right (again): D - S H R I N K does just that, there is a setting like my above dream: so much in front, so much in back. as much as i wld have liked to stay with my favorite SLYs stuff on all this, i guess i have to become unfaithfull for those ‘special’ movies.

greetings - heinz -


Thank hobo10 for that suggestion. He mentioned it above when we were talking about vobblanker. The issue with CloneDVD’s scissors is that it removes a whole chapter whereas Shrink can remove part of a chapter…in effect doing precise cuts. Again, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve used Shrink, but, I know that feature is one of the reasons so many people stick with it…and with good reason apparently. This feature has been requested for CloneDVD many times but I’m not sure if it will ever get added or not. With the studios seemingly coming at us with ads and annoyances from every angle, it sure would be nice to have that feature built into CloneDVD…the ability to cut not just a whole chapter, but, video within a chapter.


i don’t care about the credit :o just as long as it worked. :iagree:


I care. Those that give a good suggestion deserve the credit for it. :slight_smile: