Remove ads from EA Origin

If you are annoyed with the advertisements in Origin from EA, then here are the instructions to remove the ads from Origin.

This hack works on Windows Vista and on Windows 7:

  • [li]Close & exit Origin
    [li]Using your file explorer go to: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Origin
    [li]Find Settings.xml and open it with a text-editor (notepad is not your best choice here, it doesn’t do what you need, try Wordpad or similar editor)
    [li]Modify the PromoBrowserOriginStartedLastShown and PromoBrowserGameFinishedLastShown keys to these values:
    <Setting key=“PromoBrowserOriginStartedLastShown” type=“2” value=“999999999”/>

    <Setting key=“PromoBrowserGameFinishedLastShown” type=“2” value=“999999999”/>

There you go, no longer are crappy promos shown on Origin.

I am annoyed by Origin in general. :slight_smile: