Remove added banner from video

Hey!I’m really hoping I can find some help here with this.
I’ve had numerous problems with finding the right video codec for my pc,and I’ve finally settled with Dvix,but I’m still having some “inconveniences”,some of which include not being able to use certain video editing programs,such as Movie Maker.I’ve tried numerous other programs I could find and I thought I hit the jackpot with AVS Video Editor.
Very well.I make my video,only to discover at the end,when I had to save it,that it can only be saved(in any format) if the program adds a banner in the CENTER of the video(something about having an uregistered version…and I do not have the possibility to buy the program,so that option is out from the start).
So I’ve been trying to find a way to remove that annoying banner…since it’s in the center of the video the blurring oprion is kind of out of the question as well,and also the replacing the text…I would like to be able to fully remove it…and I’m hoping it’s possible.

Thank you for your time!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, if people did that then the company wouldn’t be able to sell their (registered) product, and therefore might stop developing it altogether.

Your best bet would be to find another software with maybe a fully functional trial period rather than a software which is limited whilst unregistered/during the trial period.

But then after the trial period, you’re left with the same problem.

So basically, you have two options: if you like the software, support the developers by buying it; or find some freeware that does the job.