Removal of Liteon Riplock

i have a Liteon dvdrw sohw-1693S burner. i have heard it has riplock which slow my read speed to around 2.5x. is there any way to remove this feature. if not can you tell me a link that works to get the omnipatcher.

This question should be asked in the Liteon forum!!! Anyway go to, download the latest firmware of you burner, download also the tool called omnipatcher.
Load this firmware into that tool, change the speed, save the FW and flash…
Please read the FAQ at the liteon forum, you will find information about using the omnipatcher.

I offloaded my firmware, then tried to patch it, but OmniPatch couldn’t recognize it. I downloaded a new one from CodeGiuys and it still couldn’t…

It is KLOP for drive LH-20A1P. The drive is actually a DH-20A1P, but despite the WARNINGS, I was trying to upgrade my other drive and uploaded to the DH-20A1P by mistake. I could not find firmware for the DH, like a few others, the LH from Liteon would not work, so I got the LH version from CodeGiuys and forced it in as per instructions from YouGuys. It works fine, but wanted to “tweak” it and OmniPatch won’t recognize it.

Any Thoughts??

Check this link:

Thank you…had a look at the thread you mention, I grabbed a new firmware thing, was not able to make it work…YET, but will pick it up again tammorra, Bob

Correction… I was trying to run Omnipatch on the .exe file… DUHHHH… I simply RAN the new exe file and it uploaded to my drive OK… Thank you again.
Now I gotta try and speed up my older (combo) SOHC-5236V… it still takes 20 minutes to read a DVD

Success follows success - now have both drives sped up - made a copy in 24 minutes - WOW !!