Removal of copy protection on DMR-E95H?



First, i want to say that I respect the property.
But I still need to know if it’s possible the avoid the copy protection, in order to be able to record the signal from a TV cable digital set top box. My TV provider took the stupid decision to forbid ANY recording of ANY TV channel (anti-piracy stuff… OK, but still, at least one recording we should be allow to take…)
So, my question is if there is any sollution (preferably some kind of firmware hack) to record the signal from the Set Top Box (Atlanta Scientific) on my Panasonic DMR-E95H.
Any help highly appreciated. Thanks,


Did you get any feedback on your question?



Yet Americans like to brag about having “freedoms…” Too cheap to even record TV?? Talk about becoming more & more a jewish state. SAD.