Removal of color on DVD2one?

I’m not sure if the feature I’m looking for can be created with DVD2one, but if not, maybe someone here tell me where I can find it…I am looking for an option that would allow me to remove color from any movie before burning it…In other words, if a movie has been colorized (which I really hate), is there any way to convert the picture back to its original black and white before burning it onto DVD? It sure would be great for DVD2one to give us such an option in the future! :slight_smile:


could you not just turn the color down on the TV when you watch it ?

You’d need to isolate the original video stream and process it in an editor that had chroma adjustment capabilities. Vegas can do this sort of thing, but it would take a lot of your time (and, if you don’t own Vegas, a lot of your money!). And when you’d done it you’d have to remux the whole thing back together again.

MackemX has the most elegant (and cheapest:)) solution.


Don’t anticipate this feature in DVD2One some time soon. You wouldn’t want to be hanging by the neck as long…:wink: