Remote won't work

My Panasonic DVD/VCR DMR-EZ47 V only displays RC 2 when I touch buttons on the remote. I just bought the remote and is the correct Panasonic remote but can not make remote work anything.

I have downloaded the manual but can’t find answer to RC2 display. Player not very functional without remote control and so far no display on 52" screen but can get some dvds to play and vhs to play but no fast forward or control without remote working. Please help.

Hold down the #2 key on your remote and push the center ENTER key on the remote.
Your remote is set for code 1 but your DVDR is set for remote code 2.
Doing the above will change your remote to code 2.

Thank you. I am now working and can follow the manul, if I am not too lame.:iagree: