Remote video streaming

I store my movies on a Synology NAS drive. I have high speed internet (40 Mbits download, 5 Mbits upload) to my home and am now trying to decide what additional hardware (or software) I need so my kids can watch my movies on their iPad from their house.

When I’m home, everything works great. I can stream from the NAS to anywhere in the house. Even the Blu-rays play flawlessly so it’s only when accessing remotely that the problem exists.

There are Apps available for the iPad (Video Stream, Air PlayIt, etc.) to do what I’m trying to do i.e. stream video content to an iPad locally and remotely and I’ve tried them all. They also claim 1080p external streaming.

My kids can usually connect to the NAS and select a movie to watch but it almost always stops every few seconds to load and I can’t figure out why.

Their internet supports 10 mbits download and 1 mbits upload - which according to the App Technical Support folks should be more that enough.

At this point I don’t know what to try next. Is it a bandwidth limitation? a firewall issue? a router issues?


5Mb upload should be plenty stream most video content over the Internet. What I suspect is a bandwidth issue such as throughput consistency. The 40Mb/5Mb speed the supplier advertises is likely peak throughput, with actual throughput depending on the quality of the connection, contention (e.g. others sharing the line hogging it, such as with BitTorrent) and so on.

I would suggest trying the Visualware speed test. Click on your location, then a server and then click the “Click to start test” button. Once complete, this will show you roughly what your average download & upload throughput are. Now go into the Graph tab on the left and select “Upload Speed” from the plot drop-down field. Ideally, this should be a straight line across. If it is fluctuating up & down quite a lot, then your upload throughput is not very consistent and more likely the reason for streaming drop-outs at the other end.

While the Visualware usually gives lower results than, it’s worth noting that shows the peak speed it measured, where as Visualware shows the average speed, which is realistic to what your connection can sustain uploading or downloading.