Remote replacement



Does anyone know of a universal remote control on the market that has a SCHEDULE button on it that works for a DMR-ES10 DVD recorder? I just bought the recorder and it doesn’t have a remote control with it. I was hoping to buy a replacement for the unit locally but the dealers want a ridiculous amount of money. I have a universal remote already but it doesn’t have a Schedule button so I can’t program any recordings!

Thanks in advance,

  • Bodrey

p.s. Or, if anyone has a working remote for a DMR-ES10 but a dead unit and is willing to part with it email me!


I would seriously recommend getting in contact with the shop or online store you bought the DVD recorder from as the store should be able to provide you with missing parts, particularly if it is a new DVD recorder. Usually if the store does not carry the missing item, they should be able to take a remote out of another package, since they can then get a replacement from the manufacturer as a warranty part. Be sure to bring in your receipt or include the order # if you are e-mailing an online store.