Remote procedure call service causing trouble



The Remote procedure call (rpc) service is causing me trouble.When i am connected to internet it is display a message abou this.There is a way to repair this?


Does it tell you that your system is going to shutdown? If it does, you have been infected with the Blaster worm or one of it’s variants. Running a virus scanner that is completely up to date will often times find nothing. You will need to update your Windows through the “Windows Update” to correct the issue. Install ALL of the “Critical Updates”.

Best of luck!

P.S. - The worm normally does not harm data so you dont have much to worry about there.


you have the blaster worm

here is the link to fix it

first put on the windows xp patch

then run the windows cleaning utility …then you will be okay


i have had to run this on several pcs lol


the blaster worm causes the pc to reboot, when the rpc call fails…


The Blaster worm causes the system to SHUT DOWN, not reboot. Do what we have suggested and see if you still have the problems. Then post back.

Good luck.


not to start arguemnt …but blaster worm depends on version of it …I have seen it shutdown pc or just reboot it after so long …and i have seen people put on the xp patch and it work but they didnt clean the virus off so it wont reboot … just my two cents …

I work on computers for a living …


I also work on computers for a living and I have dealt with my share of computers affected by this worm. All of the computers that were affected by it that I have worked on have not restarted, only shutdown. Of course I may not have seen all of the versions, so what giovanni42104 said could, and probably is true. As I stated before, all the systems that I have worked on, except for 1 or 2, did not actually show the virus (that is, when a complete scan of the hard drive, from a different system, was done with a completely up to date AV).

Reguardless, your are MOST likely infected/affected by the virus and you need to take the steps mentioned to get rid of the virus and resolve your problems.

Post back with your results. :slight_smile:



…I respect ya on your post dont get me wrong …

just curious what virus protection didnt detect it ?? just was wondering …I am running panda antivirus and it detected it …just wonder what ones did …I know nortons 2003 was hit or miss


I think I was using McAfee 7.0 completely up to date. I also downloaded their tool (cant remember the name of it off hand) and that didnt detect it either. I dont know if I have tried to scan with Norton or not. I have heard alot about that Panda. Isnt it free? Just wondering.

Well, I hope he gets his system working properly again.



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Originally posted by xtremeskier97
The Blaster worm causes the system to SHUT DOWN, not reboot.

forgot not everyone has their pc set to autoreboot when it isnt told by the user to shutdown :wink:



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Yes it was the blaster i using norton 2003.also you
hane to instal this update WindowsXP-KB823980-x86-ENU .I found this article in back vipers site about RPC service.Thanx a lot for the help gays!


how funny is that … hey vazelomania

if you went to the link I sent ya there is had the windows xp patch …aka windows update … and also it had the cleaning tool …hmmmmmm so you had to double post lol hahhah

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