Remote desktop


I am thinking about installing a remote desktop program on a few computer in order to maintain them regularly.
Which program would you suggest? I only know RealVNC and Tight VNC .
Do you know any other?
Which one is the best?



I always use VNC (TightVNC to be precise). Why? Because it’s fast, OS independant, can be used without client software (all that’s needed is a browser with Java support), it’s free and offers more than enough features.

Other similar products are PC Anywhere, RemoteAdmin, PC Connect and of course the Remote help functionality of XP (built-in)…

i dont know from the other one but i have used real vnc its was good just like being at the other computer

If you’re looking for a Win32 version of VNC you should try Ultr@VNC.
It’s by far superior to Real and TightVNC.

Originally posted by DiiZzY
If you’re looking for a Win32 version of VNC you should try Ultr@VNC.
It’s by far superior to Real and TightVNC.

that looks very interesting… thanks for the link :iagree:

What about the remote desktop feature of XP? Is that no good? I’ve never been able to figure out how to use it through the internet though. I’ve only been able to make it work when the two computers are on the same network.

This only works with XP and Windows 2000 server and up. You cant use it for anything else.

Have a look here; I guess this explains pretty detailled how to use the built-in remote desktop server of XP.

Is VNC better? Yes I think so: VNC has more features and widely supported. VNC is fast, can do file transfers etc. I switched to UltraVNC and it’s really great.

My advice: try both and check out what you prefer!

Not true, you can download the seperate client, previously know as terminal services and run it on any os. This was pre-installed on nt before the move to 2000/xp with it’s now known name of remote desktop connection.

Personally having used them all, they are all pretty much the same. Unless you has some specific needs you won’t notice a great deal of difference. Larger factors to consider are what you want to run it through and the speed of connection.

I think the key here is that in the end it’s all down to personal choice.

The client software is true, but you can only connect to a XP, Windows 2000/2003 that is running as terminal server. At default, Windows 2000/2003 will only let 2 connections at a time. If you want more, then you have to buy a terminal server license.

I think we are getting lost in the translation here…

Windows remote desktop connection can be run on windows machine and connect to other windows machine. I know this because i do it everyday!

With regards to two connections at a time, this is true but as with anything there is always a way around it :wink:

This is detracting from the original query, so for arguements sake, try a few and see what you like!

You can not use remote desktop to connect to another workstation other then XP. This leaves only server, It is buildt into windows 2000/2003. If you want to connect any other computer, then you must be running a terminal service on that computer. Citrix? or something. Microsoft has not buildt terminal service into any other workstation other then XP. If you are connecting to a Windows NT server, then that NT server must be running terminal services.

I use it also everyday in a cooperate enviroment. But you are right, lets let him decide what´s best for him. VNC would be my vote as you can use it on both workstation and servers. It is also free of cost.

Yes i agree with you on both counts. I wasn’t talking about anything pre 2000 server, sorry my original post is confusing, however you have no damn chance to edit it after a short period of time here!!

VNC is an excellent open source remote display application.

2 words: Back Orifice

No problem, I also forgot Dameware. This is almost more like a hacking/cracking program. It is great and you dont have let the user know that you are on their computer.

But it cost money…