Remote control conflict

I thought I’d managed to post a new thread on this but it’s not showing. So sorry if this is a repeat.

I’ve got a Lite-on 5045 with which I’m very happy. But I wanted a separate DVD player for when the 5045 is recording.

I got a good deal on a Lite-on A-100X, which is a DVD recorder. It works great.

The problem is that using a remote control makes both machines operate at the same time, not such a good idea as I want them in the same room.

Any ideas on what to do?

No great solution, bur you can use a small strip od black tape over the IR window.

Really not much you can do .Some old VCRs had two remote control codes you could choose for that very reason but I haven’t seen that as an option on a DVD recorder.
Fortunately most lock out the remote during timed record so if yours does that you should be able to use the other one.
btw I have the same problem .I have 2 settops both are different brands but after I got the second one I found out it had the same code .Both are made by Funai.
So until they give a remote code choice in the menu there is not much to do.Even a folded peice of paper over the IR works & doesn leave any glue behind like the tape.

also have two Liteon recorders side-by-side and what I did is bent a strip of metal (6 inches) 90 degrees (L)the short end bent at about 1 3/8 ", covered it with duct tape and I put on top the recorder and the short end in front of the remote eye sensor (next to the clock), I just move it from one unit to the other, works for me. I also responded on the other forum for you, I felt it may be of use for others here also.

Thanks for your replies everyone. I think it’s a bit of folded cardboard for me . . .