Remote control conflict

This might seem a strange thing to do, but I have two Panasonic DVD devices.
Each has its own remote control, but using one interacts with the other.
The two machines I have are

DVD video recorder DMR-E85H
and DVD recorder DMR-EZ25EB

Is there any way of isolating the remotes, so they only interact with their original machines?

err yes. You need to change the control codes.

Have you checked the manual? There should be a section “When other Panasonic products respond to this remote control”. (There is for my DMR-EH50)

You should be able to use 3 panasonic DVDs.

The DMR-EZ25EB looks similar in appearance to my recently purchased DMR-ES15 deck, so perhaps the instructions for dealing with remote control conflicts with other Panasonic DVD players/recorders will be similar:

  1. From the remote, press SETUP
  2. Press ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN to select “Setup” and then press the RIGHT ARROW key.
  3. Press ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN to select “Remote Control Code” and then press ENTER.
  4. Press ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN to select the code (1, 2, or 3) and press ENTER.
  5. While pressing ENTER, press and hold the numbered button (1, 2, or 3) for more than 2 seconds. Note: the factory default code is 1.
  6. Press ENTER.