Remote control (biglots, US)

Big lots has the Jensen jr800 programable remote control (at least the one here had them) for 9.99$. its this one

It looks like amazon is the only major online retailer that has them and they want 24$ (35$ sugested retail). The big advantage for me compared to other remotes in the 10$ range is that it is programable by pointing another remote at it. I have a a tv/dvd/vcr combo as well as a tv/vcr combo that no cheap universal remote works with (got half a dozen of em that dont including a couple that I paid about 20$ ea for). If you are like me and are constantlly misplacing the original remote and or have devices that most cheap remotes cannot control, its a big advantage to be able to program like this. The big down side is that it can only take 16-24 key programs by aiming another remote at it (I assume this means for the whole remote but maybe it is per device). Not quite on par with other remotes for 35$ (if it is only that many for the whole remote) but not bad for 10$.
Fyi it is an 8 device (programable with number codes) for more common devices and has some advanced functions like macro programing etc. Looking into it a little, jenson went out of buisness and was bought by another company who has little support for this discontinued device (not sure if they are covering the waranty but they don’t even have programing codes on their web site). Still, for 10$, it’s hard to get beter. dont loose your manual (might even want to scan it) if you get one though.
Just thought I would mention it for those interested. Also, be aware, they also have a 4 device jensen for 6$, but I do not think it is programable from another remote so don’t get that one by accident). the model is jr800.

I don’t worry about warranties on items I buy at Big Lots… They do have, I think, a 90-day return window, so just hang on to the receipt. If the remote dies after 90 days, you can try to exchange it, if they still have them.

I’ve bought various odds and ends parts from Big Lots and will often buy more than one of an item. Why ?? I can sometimes buy 2-3 pieces there for the same price as one in another store. Also, and I’ve been proven wrong most of the time, I don’t expect the item to last and for it to break.

i’m 15 minutes from the desoto big lots…i’m goin to get one…thanx ripit…:slight_smile:

Just an update. The manual says you can program 16-25 keys by pointing another remote at it (depending on the complexity of the comands). I sucsesfully porgramed 17 comands for my tv/dvd/vcr combo on the tv key, and an additional 16 comands for my tv/vcr and a dvd player on the aux key(total 33 on two device keys). Either the 16-25 is a little understated or it is that many for each device (I’m hoping it is that many for each device).

@hall, refund policy is 30 days with receipt but they are pretty flexable on it. You can usally at least get store credit (keep receipt an package though). I have seen them take back stuff a year old if you fuss enough. The golden rule is (at least in the district I work in), if the customer calls the regional or corperate office, the manager is always wrong because he should have been able to take care of the customer.

@Nosmartz, is that Desoto TX? I got mine in Irving so I’m guessing they got them in this area. Shipping times for the same items can be a week apart at diffrent stores so it might be worth a call to see if they have them. They had 4 (I got 3 of them) at the irving store (by the time I realized we had them anyway). It is in a grey/black package, model is jensen jr800, price is 9.99, sku (biglots sku) is 166-550011527-3. Even though they may not like doing it, stores are suposed to call other stores to help you find an item if you ask (if they are out or havent got them yet).

yeah its desoto texas…also went to one in south dallas and they had none…the desoto store had 3…i grabbed one…gonna see how well it works…:slight_smile:

it works perfect…:slight_smile:

My wife went to 1 of the 2 we have here and all they had was the jr400 so she’s going to look at the other store tomorrow. Thanks for the tip ripit!

My wife found one of the jr800’s today and no go. Won’t work with my sat receiver and my a/v receiver so it’s going back. I did get it to work for tv and dvd player. Thanks for the tip though ripit.

Anyone tried one of these JR800s with a TiVo? I noticed it -was- listed on the back of the JR400 but NOT on the JR800. I haven’t opened mine yet.

Anyone who has - can you confirm whether or not TiVo is listed in the setup codes [usually with VCRs - DUH!] for the JR800?


I’m just curious what you mea it didn’t work? The codes didn’t work for programing all the functions, or you tried to program it directlly form your original remote? If programing from the original remote, did it program ok but the comands didn’t all work right? I’m wondering because I was going to keep all 3 that I got but if it will not program off other remotes well, I might only keep 1 or 2. Out of 33 comands I programed off other remotes, only one didn’t work right. On one dvd player, the fast foward/reverse would work with one button push, but with multiple button pushes it wouldn’t increase the speed.

@SirZoltan, you can return it even opened. How many comands does a tivo use (never had it). The advantage of this one over other remotes you could get for 10$ is that you can aim your original remote control at the new one, press the appropriate keys, and it reads the actual ir signal that your original puts out and copy’s it. If there are not to many commands for the tivo, you could just copy them, or if it works off preprogramed codes, then you could use that function for advanced commands the often do not work with preprogrtamed codes. I would open it and try it (make sure to keep the package, paprer inserts, reciept and everything, even after it seems to work fine, in case you later want to return it).

There are 2 ways to program. Codes and push 991 and then the device and power (forgot what it was called. Already put it back in package) multiple times till it flashes 3 times and it’s out of tries. Neither worked for my sat receiver (Dish 811 box) and Sony a/v receiver. I could never get it to turn off either with them on. Now if you got it to work you could point the 2 remotes together and get extra keys to work but from what i understood the jr800 remote had to be working 1st. I tried pointing them together using instructions for other keys to get power working and still didn’t work. Unless you know a different way.

Regarding Sony A/V and remotes. I bought a Sony receiver a couple years ago [or maybe a year - heck I dunno - hehe]. Anyhow I found out that the reason I couldn’t get -any- universal type remotes to work was because by default Sony puts it in AV2 mode [look in your manual I don’t recall the exact wording on this]. NO universal remote will work with it in this mode. You need to jump through a couple small hoops to program the receiver itself -and- your orig remote into AV1 mode. If you need more help than this - I can try to find the manual for my receiver.

C ya,

The numeric codes as well as the code search where you keep hitting the device key and the power key didn’t work for me on either of my tv combo units. I had to program each individual key off the original remote using the key learning feature (where you point the original at the new one). When I tried to program several keys at once I had problems so I did each key individually.
Press and hold the setup key till it blinks twice. enter 975. hit the device key you want on the jensen remote (like tv or sat or whatever), hit the key you want to program like power on the jensen remote. The jensen remote should be flashing. Within 10 seconds, aim the original remote at the jensen (they have to be pretty close like an inch apart with the fronts aiming at each other). Press and hold power (or whatever key you are programing) on the original remote. Keep them pointed together and keep holding the key down till the jensen quits flashing and blinks twice. within 10 seconds press and hold the setup key on the jensen till the light blinks twice to finalize the command. Then start over for the next key you wnat to program. I had to do that with every key (none of the preprogramed codes/functions worked with wither tv combo unit). I programed 33 keys this way (17 on the tv device button and 16 on aux) and 32 worked, the 33rd key kind of worked.

IF that doesn’t work. If that doesn’t work, maybe what SirZoltan recomended might help.

Thanks to both of you for replys. I tried what ripit said which is the same as i tried before, bottom of page 3 in manual. Still no go with sat receiver and if i cannot get that to work then no use trying to get a/v receiver to work. I need all 4 of my remotes to work with the jr800 as that’s what the wife wants if you know what i mean. Sat receiver remote uses UHF Pro signal so maybe jr800 will not copy that signal?

No wonder it doesn’t work. That remote uses a radio signal, not an infrared light signal. You are not going to be able to progrm any ir remote from it. From what I understand, your sat reciever may be infrared capable, but you would have to find an older model ir remote to program the universal one. Do they even make universal remotes for uhf?

Got me. I’ll just go back to 4 remotes. Been doing it for 2 yrs now. No biggie.

i need the codes to program my remote it sounds as though you have a copy can i please have it you can email them to me if you like i cant use my remote cause i cant program anything please please please help me.

Thank you for bringing back a 7-month old deal.

Thank you, thank you

I noticed when I bought them that the codes were not anywhere online so I was carefull to keep the manual. Give me a little time (long story but I’m very busy and going on little sleep right now), and I’ll scan them and email them to you. It might take a couple of days (maybe less), but I’ll be sure to send them.