Remote Computer Shutdown

Hey all,

I’m looking for a way to remotely shutdown my File storage computer. I’ve thought that there is three ways to do this.

My host computer is running Windows Vista 32-bit. This is the computer that I use to control the remote computer. (computer name is Sian.)
My remote (storage) computer is running Windows XP Pro SP2. (computer name is Fileserver.)

  1. A program. If anyone can suggest a free, easy to use program to do this I would be very happy. :bow:

  2. Using the Windows Command Prompt. I’ve heard that this is possible, and I have tried it on my host computer by typing in: shutdown \Fileserver.

  3. A Script. I’ve heard that you can run a script that will just shut the computer down. I was hoping that I could just bind this to one of the buttons on my media keyboard, because the storage computer does not have a screen.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thankyou, I’m trying one of those now, but do you know if its possible through the cmd prompt?


I use the CMD prompt to shutdown/restart remote computers while I am at work and while I am at home (even thought the computer is at work). But, to do so I am always using Remote Desktop.

For example:

From PC A I am logged on to PC B via Remote Desktop. When I need to restart B, I open a CMD prompt on B and type:

shutdown -r -f -t 10

The -r means restart (instead of shutdown).
The -f means force running programs to exit.
The -t 10 means wait 10 seconds before restart (optional but defaults to 30 I think).

I hope I got the above syntax correct. If not, it should be easy to fix while at the CMD prompt. Hope this helps.

It’s incomplete. Try this:

  • Start > Run and type “shutdown -s - f -m \Fileserver -t 0” to forcely shutdown Fileserver in 0 seconds.

How about a new desktop shortcut on your host PC?

Right click on the desktop > New > Shortcut, and type “shutdown -s - f -m \Fileserver -t 0”. Then create a name for the shortcut, ie Shutdown Fileserver.

Another way is to use the dialog box:

  1. Access the cmd prompt: Start > Run, type “shutdown /i” to open the dialog.
  2. In the Computers window, click Add and type your remote PC name “Fileserver”
  3. In the “What do you want these computers to do”, select Shutdown or Restart.
  4. Untick “Warn users of the action” if you don’t want to display any warnings (=0 seconds) on the remote PC
  5. Type a comment in the Comment window, then click OK

I tried doing this from my own computer, without being remotely connected to the fileserver, but it does not work.

When I am remotely connected, it does work. I guess ill have to do it like this.

It should work. If it doesn’t:

  • check if you have the same username/password on both PCs and same privilege (admin)
  • check if there’s firewall blocking in the remote PC.