Reminder; Here is only English allowed



Remember this boys and girls !


Or we will have to move your postings, but keep in mind, you better post it in the right part of the forum, than that we have to replace it. I know it’s my job, but if everyone follows this rulz, than will that be nicer.

And if you don’t know how to say it in english, you can ask us, we are here to help you.

I’ve spoken.

See what you do with this advice!!!




That kinda sounds like the rule of the U.S. police:

“To protect and to serve”…




Here is only English allowed = English only allowed here !

That kinda sounds like the rule of the U.S. police = That kinda sounds like the motto of the U.S. police:

Okay don’t flame me i’m only being picky and anyway being english myself my Dutch is not that good anyway …

May the power of the cellestial language be with you all…



DomIN8toR gets kicked…

hmmm how bad is my english …mr slecht tot het bot? [badtothebone]




hehe, cool we have a spell checker too

instead of Office spellchecker now badtothebone TM Spellchecker

you couldnt imagine how many typos are made every day good we have some person correcting them

this right to:
Only English allowed here
English only here

actually the english dont need this msg so we can just type it in dutch to:

GDV in engels praten hoeren !!



Don’t use bad language redneck…

and to our personal spellchecker:

I’m just human although some people might think differently…




In fact it’s ‘I’m only human although some people might think differently…’

but who cares

I come across this every day and really it’s not a problem as long as we understand each other who cares…

This is the company i work for it’s english and i’m proud of it but i am grateful to live in this country ‘Holland’ it’s cool and free of many inhibitions.

by the way i’m a programmer on a IBM AS400 using COOL2E programming tools.



i think any language would be fine… it’s fine with me as long as i get the links or site where i download my shit… so, all you guys feel free to post any languages you guys want… PEACE OUT


I agree to a certain extent but if you have all different kinds of languages in a single forum then it becomes a mess. That’s why there is a Dutch Forum, all the rest should be in English. As you say a link does’nt matter but there are people here who want/need help with other problems with their
hardware etc and you can’t always help them with a link.