Remembering the good old days

My first writer was a mitsumi CR-4804TE…still have it. Burned about 1000 discs or so still working great, but a bit slow compared to my 24X lite-on’s.

It have lots of features that no other writer from the same time have.

-CD-TEXT( Very few at that time supported it)
-Writing up to 99 minute CD-R media.
-Supporting RAW-DAO 96.

Features that you don’t find on even all the newest writers(plextor, feel ashamed, where is support for 99min media?) :p.

I remember downloading CloneCD public release) the day after it was released, and the mitsumi was one of the 4-5 writers that worked properly with the first version. YES I’ve used CloneCD THAT long!!!

Backed up all games, no problems. But I remember when I should backup settlers 3(laserlock) it took 74hrs(yes, more than 3 days!) to read the image!! But my backup worked like a charm.

Not many coasters, I remember one particular coaster…I lost the power(electricity) while burning :stuck_out_tongue: No I won’t blame that one on the mitsumi. :wink:

Byside that, good media compatibility, reliable burning, all in all one of my best drives.

my “first one” was a teac w54e
a 4x4x32 one, which can backup everything up to sd2 :slight_smile:

now i also own a 24x lite on.


oh i’ve forgotten to mention:
cd text
very slow on reading errors on cds
the drive still has the best error correction i’ve seen, even totaly scrached cds are no problem for this drive

My first drive was a Mitsumi 2801, and cost me £180, ouch.

It even copied PSX fine, as soon as I replaced a dodgy CD Reader I was using.

I’m glad those 2x days are gone. I’m on a 4809 now, courtesy of Mitsumi.


I am still stuck with my P233MMX, and my Mitsumi CR-4802TE…

i know how you feel, oc freak. i’m still using my 4804 because i have it in a proxy server at work and as i figure i use it more today even than my 4805 that is in my workstation at work or my liteon 24x i have at home. with aws i can copy any sd2 title i have come across so far. i haven’t tried the newest one yet but i hope to soon. also, even though my liteon will also do 99 minute cds only my mitsumis will burn them that can be read in almost all cdroms.

so far, my all-time favorite burner is the mitsumi 4805te. i’ve never encountered any problems with my liteon but i trust the burns from my mitsumis completely. and since clone produced aws i can burn anything.

Old school stuff

The first one I had was a 2 speed Hi-val almost 390 US dollars. I got tired of using Iomega zip drive disks(45 of those in a box in the closet). Burnt about 200 to 300 disks. Then the hival died and I had to send it back, since it was under warranty I got a Acer 2 speed. I wore that one out also. Then I bought one that was called a pacific digital, I later found that it was a HP-7200i+ drive. I had it for 2 years and that one wore out, I then bought a Mitsumi 4804TE last January and had it for like three months and I think I wore it out really fast(over 300 cd’s). I also have had SAMTACK(piece of crap), A drive acalled a Atek(bought it from some computer show), A second hp drive that was a total peice of crap I bought a Sony CRX140e/chand have a plextor. My roommate has a scsi yamaha 4 speed that has been retire but still works. I am planning on buying a lite on 24x in the next week or so.

I also grabbed the first public version of CLonecd and remember the horror of EZCD, until I discovered Nero

My 4804TE has wrote well over 1000 discs and still working great :smiley:

I never used EZCD :stuck_out_tongue: I was using WinOnCD, then Nero…

Plain and simple those drives rock!!

I’m a real newbie compared to you guys… My first was a Ricoh 7080A 8x4x32… I thought that was slow… :stuck_out_tongue:


My first burner was the Traxdata 4432+ a 4x4x32x burner! The features poor but it burns every CDR. Of 200 CD’s i burn 1-2 failure copys.

Now i have the Mitsumi CR-4809-TE i hope it will do as well as the Traxdata. On the Mitsumipage it is called that the drive works >50.000 hours and 10.000 cycles disc load eject. That is not very much when you compare it with other burners.

Sorry for false written words, i am german!

My first writer was a Sony CRX-120e (4/4/24) which did a nice job untill I discovered copy-protections which it couldn’t cut. I then bought a Plextor PX-W1210A ($350, 12/10/32) and still own/use it. I now have two drives for review purposes : a Waitec MEGALUS (24/10/40) and a Mitsumi CR-480ATE (32/12/40). The Mitsumi is my favorite :slight_smile:


My first drive was an HP4020i (if memory serves - something like that). Cost a whole lot, around £650 + vat !!!, and cd’s cost £2+ each. Didn’t last very long, only used it occasionally for around 30 burns and then the dreaded ‘duff spring’ scenario crept in by which time it was out of warranty - damn HP.

My next drive which I still have is a Ricoh 6200 - still works, but is only 2x w / rw and does not support overburning or larger media.

My new drive is the Plextor 24/10/40a - it seems it has only just come out, got great reviews, and already is being seen as not that great at all. It is picky about what media is tackles (Princo x10 r/w wont work at x10, 16/10/40 writes to these just fine), it now has problems with SD2.51+ which the cheaper competition seem to handle just fine, and it seems Plextor have made some kind of deal with corporations regardings copy-protection.

There is a wind coming from the states and Europe regarding the so called ‘backing up’ of protected s/w - maybe plextor wants to remove itself from criticism?


Dibble have you burned succesfully PSX or PS2 backups with your drive?

‘duff spring’ scenario crept in by which time it was out of warranty - damn HP.

seems that phillips creartive labs and the hp had the same spring problem along with the gears just breaking and then ya have the damn power calibration error usually means that the drive rails have dried out and usually that comes after about 500 cd;s or so

Why cant they make burners a little better?

Yes, PSX backups are fine with Mistumi writers.
I haven’t tried PS2.
Clone CD is what I’d recommend.


Originally posted by Bloody Aztec
Dibble have you burned succesfully PSX or PS2 backups with your drive?

Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]My 4804TE has wrote well over 1000 discs and still working great :smiley:

I never used EZCD :stuck_out_tongue: I was using WinOnCD, then Nero… [/B]

mine 2. i still use it 'cos it gives very good SD1-2.51 read times and is the only way i can write lower than 8x.

wow - i have had a very similar xperience to OC [over 2 Years behind and i got much less xpert knowledge] -

first writer = 4804; the 24102B
first burning appz used = WinOnCD, then Nero, then clonecd …[never EZCD]

I’ve been so lucky, in that i got my £150 4804 without knowing a thing about cd burning [what DAo+96, 99min cdr’s , cd text or SafeDisk are] but i happened to buy the best burner [at the time.]

Same thing with the 24102B, but that was a much more educated decision.


PS - all PS2 games burn fine!! [only ever had problems with buffer underruns (my own fault) or some multi-session Dc games;)]

And now a proud owner of a 2ND 4804Te and a liteon 24x

what happened to the 1st? if it died [r.i.p.] how many burns did it do?

My first writer was also a 4804TE, but now its a reader for my 40x lite-on. I burnt a million dvd-rips with that mitsumi. For some reason it doesnt burn audio disks worth shit anymore. Still an excellent drive.


what happened to the 1st? if it died [r.i.p.] how many burns did it do?

Over 300+ in little over 3 months. It just burnt it self out of existence.
The 2nd one is in a 233.