Remember Your Very First Date?

It is easy to get a date whenever you make a good attempt for while you are at school but after that become harder and harder since you social gathering become less and less.

ok ripit…here ya go…a lil glimpse into dating from a female

don’t do the drunk thing…its cute in high school and college but honestly we women don’t want to have yet another problem to have to attend to…

and don’t try the “hook up” approach…when the time is right …she will let you know but honestly its a few months before i ever have sex with the person i’m dating…and the guy i’m with and have been with since January …we have not had sex at all :slight_smile: which has given me time to know the real him and not the hormonal driven creature most men become

but since your married and happy you won’t have to worry about dating now anyway :wink:

This could be a large hurdle for most males. Age may cure some of this. LOL

ripit, BTW; did you fisnish college and graduated?.