Remember Your Very First Date?

Do you remember your very first date? Where was it? When was it, Who was is?, and how was it?. Tell us about it.

My first date was in 7th grade, I must have been 13 at the time. Her name was Suzy, and she had long reddish gold hair, down to the middle of her back…really quite striking. Cute too.

I remember my dad dropped me off at the movie theater. I was meeting her at the entrance, and he was so curious to see what she looked like that he drove around the block a couple of times to see if he could spot her.

I don’t remember what the movie was…and not because of anything going on…minds out of the gutter now. Just too long ago. But the date was pretty uneventful. A little bit of nervous small talk and me paying a large chunk out of my allowance for tickets, drinks and popcorn.

Dated for a couple of months, then realized we had absolutely nothing in common and went our separate ways.

^ honestly, thats is pretty much my experience…except for the name…replace it with Caroline.

Well if we’re talking about ‘actual’ going on a date and not to school dances and whatnot…I’d say it was in junior high and I was probably 14. Went on a double date with my older friend who had a license, in his pick-up which had a camper on back. Him and his girlfriend were in the front cab while me and his girlfriends’ friend (we were set-up together by them) were delgated to ride in the camper… :eek: :smiley: We got along great on the ride there…(no… no funny business!! LOL) and had a lot of fun together at the roller rink. I was really attracted to her, so when we were almost to her house to drop her off, I took a chance and leaned over to give her a kiss…only problem…it was kinda dark back there and I ended up kissing her on her chin!!!..LMAO…
But she forgave me for my ‘smoothness’ :o that night and we ended up going steady together for awhile…
A real Don Juan eh???.. :bigsmile:


Seventh grade (13 years old) - school dance - Janice Lee - scared $#itle$$ - dad drove - great time - no kiss - no future dates-eh!!

Re: Remember Your Very First Date?

Nope, I’m too old and rich for this. :smiley:

You mean you never had a date before?.

I was just barely seventeen i think. We went to the zoo…don’t remember really paying attention to any of the animals…we were too busy flirting the entire time…first true kiss was there…dated most of the summer then decided to break it off because it was a distance relationship and neither of us thought we could stay in touch very well during the school year…we woulda been right.

I’ve never been on a date… :eek: I always felt shame for my emotions and never been able to admit that i like someone

My first real first date. Where a guy picked me up and everything. We went to Red Robing and saw some movie. I wasn’t attracted to him at all. i don’t even know why i went honestly.

I would be 13 and it was my first high school xmas dance. There was this real cute guy called Andy and i was over the moon that he had asked me to be his date for the dance.

No kiss and i spent every dance looking down on him, he was cute but he wasn’t very tall. :o

I’m with chef on this one. :clap:

And what qualifys for a date? Car trip date, go over to someones house, meet someone at a dance?

Thanks for reminding me. :a

Look like is good old memory Jesterrace?.

It depends on what you call a date. These girls were prank calling, and got the mall payphone. So we answerer and decided to hookup. Long story short, I got some, my friend didn’t ?(13 yr old girls cannot always go there), and before you say child molester, I was younger than my 13 year old partner…

The sad thing is, I’m not sure that I ever dated till my wife (met her at about 25). There was this girl in college (my first college anyway), that was a mormon, and I actually held hands with her, but I scared her off talking to others about mormons (born and raised, and turned away).

Dating??? Is this way old school, way new school, or just what ever culture but mine did? Meet a girl at a party, nail said girl, eventually hook up, get serious, settle down (party together), and have kids (due to birthcontron falure).

The funny thing is… If I ever got divorced, I would not know how to meet or date a woman… I think I have only been on one or two dates in my life and I’m not even sure how to act???

Fyi my first date was seventh grade, under the bleachers, knid of aquward… Of course I cannot even rememeber my child hood (not enought parental supervision and too much alcohol and drugs).

ripit…if you ever get divorced…don’t worry …i’ll teach ya all you need to know about dating in this century :wink: without the drugs and with very little alcohol

I like the very little alcohol thing, cause I got to admit, I’m a bit unpredictable. A little bit of alcohol, tends to provide, shall we say…, longer performance, and a little brandy (I dont like brandy, causes heart burn but theres a story), causes all day performance. Under the right circumstances, I can really perforem, but can I really date? (what in the hell do you do on a date in this progresive word anyway)???

Definitely not with that girl. It’s more the thought of the hideous hag that I went out with. :a I guess you have to start somewhere. :doh:

Just have talk and romance and say good things without getting horny.

I thought getting horny was the good part, lol!!! When I was growing up, there were plenty of girls that were just as horny as the guys (within the group of people I hung out with anyway). The funny thing was, when I went to college and grew up a little (just a little), and wasn’t drunk and partying all the time, there were all these girls at college that knew me from partys so hooking up without dating was still easy (lots of girls approached me). I actually ran across hundreds of of people at the first college I attended that knew me that I didn’t know (or remember, I guess thats what you get for staying drunk at parties all the time). I suppose that would have been the natural time when I should have learned dating etiquette, but it was still easy to just hook up with girls.