Remember Window Position

I have this annoying software (Eclipse Chiropractor software) to manage patient files, and everytime I open a patient data window, it is always all the way to the right and off the screen. So I have to either maximize the window or resize it to fit. Is there any way I can get it to remember window position?

P.S.- I have already called the software makers and they said there is no settings within the program to save window position.

If the App doesnt have the window return functionality inbuilt then I’m afraid you’ll have to stick with using maximize. Or you can talk your finance admin into buying another monitor and a card that supports extended desktop.:slight_smile:

Open Regedit and do a find (tick “Keys” only) for;


In the left pane - you’ll notice these Keys appear

delete the Values in the Right pane (under “Name” column - right click “Settings” and choose delete

for StreamMRU …select any value and use SHIFT + Left Click – or SHIFT + Down/UP arrows to select many or all in right pane) - right click and choose Delete

you’ll find most of these keys in this area and others;

** Again Open Regedit and do a find (tick “Keys” only) for;


here’s a pic of the “Streams” key

(click on image to zoom in - also, notice the Path in the Status Bar at the bottom left)

  • for this Reg Key, you’ll need to manually delete each Sub-Key only (numbered 0-99, or higher) in the Left Pane

Great info, thanks!
Just one question, in StreamMRU, do I delete ONLY the numbered keys or all the keys in the window (there is one key with letters).

correct - delete them all in the right pane - including --> [MRUListEx:]Most-Recent-User-List-Execute

a free app like crapcleaner has settings that can wipe these, and most of ms’s hidden tracking storage as well.

lemme know how you make out :wink:

I’ll let ya know tomorrow. I hope it works…It never used to do this, only recently, so I’m guessing that one of the MRU values got crossed with a newer program that was installed on the comp. Thanks again.

it should work - i’ve done it myself many times

just to clarify – these 3 keys in LEFT PANE


that reside under;

ALL values in RIGHT PANE should be deleted, including “Settings”

ONLY under STREAMS is it necessary to remove the stored sub-keys (numbered 0-99 or higher ONLY) in the LEFT PANE.
Leave the Desktop sub-key alone - for now

It didn’t work. It was actually a resolution problem because whoever was messing around with the PC deleted the vid card drivers and it was running on generic drivers that wouldn’t allow me to fine tune the resolution settings. Thanks again though, I still learned something new.

ok…your welcome anyhow :wink:
i was under the assumption that this only occured in one, or even a few apps. If someone deleted my VC drivers - i’d know pronto…my resolution would drop from 1280x1024 to 640x480 in a hurry - and you can not help but notice that in everything.

Know how to lock that stuff down ?

Well whatever they did, they must have deleted them and then had windows install a generic driver for that video card because the resolution was actually set pretty high. The problem was that I didn’t have control over certain settings (different resolution combos and refresh rates, etc.). It displayed the driver as having the correct name of the graphics card, but not the model #.

bahhh - the bastards not only broke it - they tried to cover it up :Z – you on the case ?

yea, I fixed it. I hate working on office computers, too many hands touch it and then everyone claims that they did nothing out of the ordinary. It’s amazing how things can just change by themselves lol. How come my home PC never has any issues? hmmmm