Remember: the first movie you bought?

I just posted the article Remember: the first movie you bought?.

Every week CDFreaks looks back and remembers the time when technology wasn’t as advanced as today. This week we take a look at your first movie.
After watching a little football, drinking a…

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Tim… shouldn’t there be a link to a thread or something? or are you suggesting we reply here in the shoutbox?

Hey headquarter84, You can just answer here in the shoutbox :wink: Ciao Tim
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Hmm, little house in the prairie, 1974? or was it king kong, 1976?

Oh well then… maybe the first movie i ever bought wasn’t really old, as we had movie rentals pretty common back home, so it was until the release of the Animatrix when i saw a movie worth buying! and well, i’m a big fan of movies but, rentals killed the sales i say… The first EVER was The Animatrix VCD (2004) Sphere DVD (2007) The Animatrix Double DVD9 Special Edition (1 month ago) The Matrix Revolutions Double DVD9 Special Edition (1 week ago) whew!!! that sums up all my bought movies!!! the others are bought by my brother who’s a real movie freak :wink:

i don’t remember my first VHS, but my first DVD was the matrix in september 1999.

the first movie i bought is The Matrix DVD

Some surf movie, on Beta.

Pearl Harbor@VHS