Remember The film Convoy

Not sure if I got the spelling right, but what a shock I had yesterday when I visited a local WHSmith store. I was browing through the DVD’s and I came across Convoy the film, which was released back in 1978, I was 9 years old when I saw it at the Flicks. OMG it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am almost 33, and it made me feel old. Yikes!! I might buy the that DVD as it was a classic film and who knows in the years too come that it could become a collectors item?

Greetz too all. The Diplomt:D

MR Happy is back again and will resume business as usual. I was told the following by a girl from the USA.

Shane, You should’nt let your Dad’s life run yours, so much! You can’t look after two grown men. If you feel they aren’t good for you, you need to remove yourself from them. This is not doing you any good. They’re not only ruining their own lifes, but yours as well.

You need to find someone else to worry about. Find some nice lass or somthing! This is not healthy what YOU are allowing them to put you through. They are grown men…you can not change them.

I guess there is some truth there, but any man who would remove himself from his close family like she suggests would still worry, it would be unatural not too do that. Maybe she is heartless.:a mind you no offence too any woman who may visit this site, but it is a true and proven fact that women want the upper hand and can destroy a man just like that.

Convoy… you will probably find that the movie is so lame, you’ll wonder what you ever saw in it. I’m pretty sure it will never become a collectors item, and if its in the bargain bin that says it all right there.

Well, speaking of this situation,

Has anybody seen HotShots or HotShots 2? I remember seeing those when I was 5 or 6 and i’ve never seen them after that. (I don’t even remember what the movies are about anymore :slight_smile: )

Hotshots was a comedy with Charlie Sheen. Funny if you like movies that are slapstick humor. i.e. like Naked Gun.

Hot Shots Movie on IMDB

I’ve never seen Convoy (although I own the movie for serveral years, I just don’t find the time to watch it!).

About Hotshots 1 and 2: they rule! Another one that you defenetively should check out if you are into this kind of humor, is National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon!

And of course “Top-Secret” with Val Kilmer…

Except for most of the comedys I usually find the older titles quite dissapointig compared to how I rememberd them…