Remember me?



Hello guys and gals,

Remember me at all? It’s been a while since I had a good look thro these forums but (to my surprise) it’s all still here. I do intend to start posting again, just not at 1:43 AM. so /wave at all my old friends and I’l see ya around the place.



Are you the poster that went to jail?


I remember you! Waves to VirusHack :smiley:


If you count Collage and a job as jail, then yeah thats me :wink:




Hehehe, that was funny.

Welcome back!


Welcome back VH


loOoL funny :bigsmile:

Nice to see you’re still around VH :slight_smile:


hola senor


Who are ya? and were ya gone? or just playing hookie???

ok so i do remember you. aren’t you the one who sent Airhead the purple dildos… and pickles to Hemi?


I’ve not been around much either :frowning: ANyway welcome back.

Apologies for hijacking the thread but SS, How’s your back these days?


welcome back VH


Welcome back in the mad house :bigsmile:


You need to get rid of those drumsticks mate!Theyre the same as last time.Cheers!


I remember you :slight_smile: but do you remember me:p


That’s almost as bad of a setup question as when a woman asks you if a pair of pants make her look fat.




my mates now ex-wive said that, “do these trousers look big on me”, he said “everything looks big on you” it didn’t last long after that :bigsmile:



The best possible answer to get in the doghouse is “no, the pants don’t make you look fat honey… it’s the fat that makes you look fat”… :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember ya VH. Welcome back.



@SS - Hell yeah that was me :smiley:

@gene_simmons Hehe done, I find this one rather entertaining.

@ήояту How could I forget you :wink: