Remedy for cough and cold


I am curious. What is your usual remedy for cough ( painful, green-grey slime ) and cold, no fever. This is what I am suffering from at the moment. :frowning:
I prefer to drink as much as possible.



Buckley’s. “It tastes aweful and it works” :iagree:

I usually take some antihistamines at the onset of symptoms which stops mucus production. You might have to try a few varieties because their effectiveness varies from person to person.

Flue/cold: a dish with an onion cut into little pieces.

Sore throat: fresh lemon juice, hot water (like tea) with honey
And sliced onion in damp cloth around your neck with scarf or something similar.

Of course, Vitamine C helps, and drinking a lot of water…

For the rest, sleep will help too

/me is not the person to take medicine, unless precribed by doctor…so far only after surgery for me

When I get sick, I usually drink as much Cranberry Juice as possible. Usually about 128 oz each day. Of course, Cran-Raspberry Juice is ok too. :slight_smile: I would go for juice low in sugar, since so much sugar in such a short time makes my stomach feel queasy, but that’s just me because I don’t normally consume a lot of sugar. Nevertheless, this remedy works well for me. :iagree: