When a track has been remastered what does that mean in terms of enhancements to the original? Is this normally performed with one of the audio suites?

Well yes and no… it is done with an audio suite, but I don’t think that any programs like “CoolEdit” and such will be used. They’ve got better ways, and I think they use specialistic hardwre as wel…

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are u referring to retail album tracks getting remastered by the recording companies? if so, then remastering of a track usually involves cleaning it up to remove clicks, hissing, etc. occasionally they’ll also re-record the music if the original isn’t up to their standards. i’ve even seen a few remastered tracks get remixed.

It’s supposed to mean that the original multi-track studio master tape is used to re-mix and re-master the recording to a stereo PCM master. What “enhancements” are applied would depend on the quality of the original and the intent of the engineer.
There is no “standard” for these things, it’s mostly a marketing ploy and may not mean anything at all.