Remastering Preferences in CloneDVD



Remastering Preferences in CloneDVD
Been english my second language I don’t quite understand the settings for remastering in the preferences, is there more explanation o more info on these settings?
Thanks. :bow:


There are but in english, if you tell us your main language then maybe someone else here can help you to understand.

Have you tried Right Clicking on the Remastering options?


My mother language is mexican, but I prefer been helped in English.
Thanks in advance.


I’m sorry, I forgot to let you know that I already been trough all manuals and tutorials but I still have a little bit of doubt on the remastering preferences.
I 've also have backed up all my original DVDS with no problem a t all, they all work great, event the newest ones.


There are two options

Enable auto selection of removed streams: (shouldn’t that be de-selection Olli?)

This selects a different steam as default from the one normally played when you insert the DVD in the player, in other words instead of automatically playing what the DVD was originally written to play (for example English audio with Mexican subtitles) you may have removed the English audio stream replacing it with the Italian audio stream and selected German for the default subtitles.

Filter unreferred material to improve splitting:

Supposing you split a DVD into two separate DVDs because it is too large to compress and keep the quality you desire, when you split the original DVD into two separate selections there may be material that is no longer necessary as it cannot be accessed from one half of the DVD so CloneDVD will try to remove this.


Ok, I finally get it 100 %.
And yes I remove all audio and subtitles streams but english-audio and Mexican/spanish Subtitles.

Thanks A lot, ypur help is deeply appreciated.