Remastering an iso?

I downloaded knoppixmame iso, expanded it, and placed several roms (of games which i own the circuit boards for of course!) into the rom folder.

how do i make it an image file again so i can burn it to a CD?

is it possible in windows? all i have access to at the moment is knoppix and windows xp at this time.

thanks for any help,

You can use MagicISO to remaster ISO, and to burn ISO on new CD.

I am pretty sure you need to use mkisofs with a commandline like this:

mkisofs -pad -l -r -J -v -V "Knoppix-STD" -b KNOPPIX/boot.img -c KNOPPIX/ -hide-rr-moved -o / mnt/hda1/ /mnt/hda1/

Read more here! :smiley: