Remaster Music Video's

If I’m not in the correct sub-forum then perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.
I have a bunch of music video’s downloaded from various sources on the Net (tut tut) of which the quality ranges from very poor to excellent.
Does anyone know if there is a downloadable program available which will basically ‘remaster’ my ‘less than pristine’ quality video’s into ‘pristine’ quality video’s ? Or is it the case that once video’s of poor quality are downloaded the quality (excellent or otherwise) is irreversible ? :sad:

That’s the case, and of course you are at the mercy of someone else’s encoding strategy.

yeah if you don’t have something good to use well…

^Is that in agreement… or… :confused:

:iagree: yeah i agree.

Yes I understand what you’re saying. However, old movies, concerts, animation are re-mastered every day. Just look what they did with the Led Zeppelin DVD a couple of years ago. The movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ was remastered because the old version had a ‘washed out’ look. So it can be done even if the original quality is poor.
So isn’t there a Home Computer equivalent ?

Nope. Thousands of $/£/EUR might get you the equipment to make a decent remaster of the original, but a crappy download of someone else’s DivX can’t be given the same treatment. If you want that quality level and there isn’t the remastered version available, then buy the original.

Well that’s that then. Looks like I’ll have to spend thousands of £’s, only joking of course. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :sad:

Yes you have to have the original to re-master most anything.

You can mess with it and see if you can clean it up a little. I have no idea to tell you what to use though.

Thanks for the info.

In those cases, the authoring house has the original source print master to create a new better transfer from. With already compressed video, the ability to clean-up/enhance the quality of the video is severely limited, tho there are some home users who could probably improve poor encoded video noticeably :slight_smile:

If you want to play around with them, VirtualDud and AVISynth are two programs that have a lot of filters available. You won’t be able to recover stuff that just ain’t there, but you may be able to disguise some of the flaws.

Thanks for that. I’ll have a wee look there.