Remap of Audio in CloneDVD2

Why doesn’t CloneDVD give you the option to remap the audio or choose a default audio? . If I remove the very first audio track Clone DVD should give me the option to set a default audio…it appears it doesn’t.

All the other transcoders DVD Shrink Nero Recode DVD95copy and a couple more give you this option. Any chance Clone DVD will add the ability to select a default audio track in full DVD mode???

In previous CloneDVD versions ( < this functionality was enabled, but we encountered some problems with set-top boxes and WinDVD when CloneDVD removed the audio stream references (which should instruct the player to choose a default one). In some situations, it was not possible to change the audio language even if there were additional streams available.

Of course it is not nice to play no sound at all if the stream for the current language is not available but others are, so we will offer an option to mask the unused streams in one of the next CloneDVD revisions.