Remake a DVD keeping full menu function

I am trying to remake a DVD. I want to remove some parts, keep others, and retain full menu functions. Here’s what I am doing:

  1. I import the titles (main movie and some extras) and menu folders I want by selecting them and pressing the ‘add title’ button.
  2. I encode and burn the compilation.

But when I play the dvd the main movie is at the start, the extras are at the end, and I can only watch the extras by skipping to the end of the movie.

I have read the manual and searched some forums but can’t find any answers - I’m sure it is simple. Can anyone help?


To keep the menus you should choose “copy an entire DVD” from the main menu. You can then disable the parts of the DVD you do not want (replace them with a picture or a blank screen).

Also, if you are using AnyDVD, upgrade to the latest version. Some of the older versions make your copy skip directly to the main movie.


That works perfectly!