Remake a DVD - can't import VOBs

I’m using Nero Recode 2 and DVD Decrypter to compress some episodic content. I have a folder full of VOBs on my hard disk corresponding to each episode in the series, and want to use them as the video source for a new set of DVDs. When I go to “remake a DVD” and try to import titles, it doesn’t allow me to import VOBs. Am I missing a trick or do I have to do something else first?

Umm did you rip all the necessary VOB’s for the episodes. Instead why dont you rip thr dvd’s as iso and mount the iso as necessary using daemon tool sor alcohol and then import the titles you want to. I think that’s a much easier approach unless hard drive space is a major issue for you. BTW, daemon tools ia free :).
Hope this helps.

Yup, I have ripped all the VOBs already to encode them for other formats (namely PSP). While I had them all ripped, I wanted to compress them to a DVD backup as well but it doesn’t seem possible this way.

You can’t import vobs into recode without the associatyed ifo and bup files needed for a proper dvd structure. It is simple to solve and very quick.

Dowload the freeware program ifoedit (just do a google search). When you start up ifoedit, at the main page there is a button option to create ifos.

Put each vob set in a separate directory and rename as VTS_01_xx.vob where xx = 01, 02 etc for each vob set. (a vob set is multiple viob file per title as max size is 1 GB)

Click this and navigate to the vob file vts_01_01.vob and click ok.

Basic ifo and bup files are created.

You can then import the files into Recode by navigating to the appropriate directories.

Thanks very much. I’m ripping them again in File mode to get all the IFOs and everything, seems the quickest way.

Hi, I fallow your instruction try to make ifo file,but after I clicked “ok” it shows no VOB unit in vob fil(s). Can you tell me what’s wrong with it? Thanks

Hi, I have a lot of DVDs and VCDs in v-vb (MPEG Video) or in Real/Video VBR . Can anyone tells me how to convert them to ifo files so that I can burn them on my DVD disk then play on TV by my home DVD player. Thanks.

@mhe43, IFO files ate I nFOrmation files that are a part of the dvd structure along with vobs and bups etc. Now IFO is not a video format in itself. So you need a utility to convert between formats. I am not sure , but I think Roxio Media Creator 8 can do it for you. I am also pretty sure there are freeware utilities that can do the same. BTW, I am wondering as to why you want to convert crappy video quality material back to DVD?

Dear Diana, Thank you very much for the information you gave to me .I’ll try that soon. Since I paid on line for downlaod some Videos, some of them are pretty good .I feel it’s pity to erase them immediatly after I watched them.If save them in PC, that’ll be take a lot of space.So I would like to burn them on the DVD discs and save them for some friends of mine to share with late.The CD disc is too small only can save about 450 MB. So I wish I can save to DVD disk for more than 4GB per disc.
Thanks again,

Diana, I find some freeware utilities that can convert between formats. but all of them is convert file to Video but what I need is On the contrary ,to convert the MPEG Video to DVD-Video files.Because Nero only can burn DVD-Video files(VIDEO_TS.IFO,VIDEO_TS.VOB,VIDEO_TS.BUP)to DVD disc. I never did that before.
Can you tell me how can I convert MPEG Video or Real Video to this kind of files and what kind format I have to select.
Thank you very much.


Let me start by suggesting that you should post this in the newbie forum, as you will def. get better and more responses. Secondly, “leave that pron alone” :). On a more serious note, DVD video are also mpeg files. I am not sure what you mean , you need an utility to convert mpeg to dvd? Also a cd holds about 700mb’s NOT just 450. If you have a lot of divx (i.e an mpeg4 container) files that you want to convert to dvd format, has a software that interconverts between both, or you could just burn them as data files onto dvd and nowadays, there are cheapo dvd players out there that can play divx files directly without first having ot conevert them to dvd-video first. Hope this helps.

i too use Nero Recode 2 and i can get it to recognize VOB files when Remaking, but it doesnt bring over the menus ive made…

instead, try using Recode Entire DVD to DVD and using the source folder to your burner. This will bring over your menus and vobs in a standard dvd format…