Relocate temporary files?

Is there a way that I may relocate DVDFab’s temporary files (that it uses during a copy process) to another partition/volume? By default they are on the same volume as DVDFab is installed to.

Regds, JR

I think the answer must be NO.

Regardless, I am able to cache the temporary files (using a large read/write cache ahead of my C drive in Primocache). This speeds the copy process up significantly and keeps a lot of writes/trim activity away from my boot SSD.

If it was possible to relocate the temp files then it would also have been possible to use a RAM disk - alas no.

Reds, JR

If the temporary files are placed in a specific folder (I don’t have DVDFab to check), you may be able to reallocate it by replacing that folder with a directory junction.

From the command line, it’s: mklink /j [Directory] [Target]

For example, let’s say I want to move “C:\Users\Sean\AppData\Local\Mozilla” to “H:\Mozilla”, first I would move the Mozilla folder to the H drive and then enter the command:

mklink /j "C:\Users\Sean\AppData\Local\Mozilla" "H:\Mozilla"

To any Mozilla product, it would appear as if the folder was still in “C:\Users\Sean\AppData\Local”, but in reality anything it reads/writes in that path is diverted to “H:\Mozilla”. Similarly in Windows Explorer, the folder contents can be browsed, also giving the impression that it’s still on the C drive.

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That’s clever Sean. I didn’t know one could do that.

Thanks, JR

to move the temp files in Fab 10: The row of devices on the top right on the start screen, click on the second one in from the left and at the top of the drop down you will see “Common settings”, click on it. A dialogue box opens and the first on the left hand side at the top list is “General”. The fourth line down is “Temporary Directory” Click on the folder icon at the end and choose where you would like the temporary files to go. As this is on my desktop I have directed mine to drive “H” (H:DVDFab\Temp) I expect the reason you would like to change this is to stop wasting the life out of your SSD. I hope that helps.



Thanks Vox

Why didn’t I spot that ?

…and yes - to avoid writes and to speed things up thru caching

Regds, JR

Your very welcome JR, I’m glad I could help. It actually took me sometime to discover where to do it, not exactly obvious, until you find it!