Reload of Nero 7 Ultra a No go

Hi all,

For some reason my version of Nero 7 Ultra decided to stop ripping CD files to mp3 format. Nothing I tried would bring back that function so I decided to reinstall the software. My system, running XP, goes through the entire process but when I go to laungh Nero StartSmart, there’s nothing there. No choices at all. It shows the serial number but nothing else. I did notice that during the reinstall where it normally shows the file association, that there were no choices listed but I hit finish anyway.

I’m not particularly savy with PCs and found this forum and thought I would ask for some help. Any advice would be appreciated.


Start Over:

With Nero, you should use their “Clean Tool” uninstaller (don’t use add/remove).

Use the trial version and enter your serial number to make it a permanent copy.

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That did the trick. Thanks much!