i am today so relived
the surgery performed on my cousin went off perfectly
he was suffering from gastrointestinal stromal tumours , a condition in which tumor grows alongside the stomach lining
well now he is resting and is fine
tommorow i will go to the hospital and get him home

Pleased to hear that all went well. Give him our best wishes.
Best regards.

That’s good to hear, situations like these seriously suck. Send him CDFreak’s best regards and tell him to get well soon :).

And by the way: welcome aboard!

Yay! :iagree:

buy him a big beer from me ;]

Who are you?

Oh, theone1! That’s not nice! Your troll side is showing… :stuck_out_tongue: J/K… Welcome to the forum, mltr79! I’m glad to hear that everything went okay for your cousin! :iagree:

this is really very good news
get him home soon and give him good company
the doctors must have prescribed some medication to him after the surgery
when my friend was suffering he was put on Glivec which was to be taken dialy
the drug was given to stop the growth of cancer cells