Reliable USB Blu-Ray Writer Purchase Advice



Hi PPl

Im back, been a while since last visit on MyCe.

Before my main question

I have to say people on MyCe have been a real help, when i needed reliable DVD-R i was given some great advice and purchase the Maxwell Xtream Protek about 3 years ago, worked great. Then needed advice on Good BDR and was given advice on buying Panasonic BDR LMBRS2MWE10 i havent used them as ive kept them unopened for the past 2 years

Anyway my main question

Can you guys recommend a good USB Blu-Ray Writer, i dont know if different ones have a better laser mechanism or focus better burns


I still have a unopened pack of BDR LMBRS2MWE10, they have been in storage for over 2 years…Are they ok to use, or has better quality BDR come out since then. My main goal is archive purposed for photos and videos of past family outings

I live in the UK, but can purchase on-line via paypal




Do you have USB 3 available on your computer? If so, this would be the best option, as it will allow higher burning speeds, and the USB 3 connections have sufficient power for an optical drive. If you have only USB 2, I’d stick to 4x burning.

We normally only recommend full sized external Blu-ray burners, not the slim ones. The slim drives have proved to be less robust over time, but since the manufacturers are concentrating on slim drives these days, they may be getting better. Hard to say, since we have so few people commenting on the slim ones.

In any case, I’d suggest an LG BE14NS40. It has an external power supply.

Another option would be to get a regular internal drive, like the Pioneer 209DBK and put it into a Vantec external case.

Of course with either of those options, you’ll need versions made for the UK market in order to get the proper power supplies.

Your Panasonic discs should still be fine, and are rated by users around here as some of the best on the market.


If you would like to scan Blu-Ray discs, have a look for the HP BD335E (external, USB3).

It is a rebadged 2nd generation Lite-On iHBS and can easily be crossflashed with a bit of minor manual EEPROM editing (newer firmware).

These Lite-On drives were discontinued a couple of years ago, but there are still some brand-new HP BD335E for sale in the UK for £50-70 (and not just on Ebay).

The disadvantage of these drives is that there will be no more firmware updates (although most manufacturers are pretty bad at that these days, preferring to release new models instead) and some consider the writing performance to be slightly worse than the very best BD writers. But I am very pleased with the performance of mine.


If you don’t have USB3, but have a spare PCI-E slot, you can add a USB3 card


Many thanks for the responses

My computer is a ageing Dell Precision M90 notebook (dual core) USB 2 from 2006 running windows 7

Will this be ok to burn BDR at low speeds (x2 x4)


[QUOTE=zack33;2744107]Many thanks for the responses

My computer is a ageing Dell Precision M90 notebook (dual core) USB 2 from 2006 running windows 7

Will this be ok to burn BDR at low speeds (x2 x4)[/QUOTE]

Yes, this will work.



Also worth mentioning that a USB3 drive should work fine with a USB2 computer, the only issue being limited speed.


[QUOTE=Ibex;2744130]the only issue being limited speed.[/QUOTE]

Doesn’t a full size external usb3 blu-ray burner also need at least 2 usb connections to deliver enough power??


Most of the full sized external Blu-ray drives have their own power supply, and don’t rely on the USB connection for anything except data transfer.

The slim drives almost always rely on the USB cable for power, which is why so many have the double connector for USB 2.


Thank you for all your help

Ive decided to go for the [B]LG BE14NU40[/B]

The prices in the UK are quite high for this drive compared to the US.

Ive seen one advertised online from California, when you put the postage costs and import charges together it still works out a lot cheaper then the UK

I’m assuming this will ok in the UK provided i use a step-down converter, should i be weary of the [B]Manufacturer refurbished[/B] statement.

unless someone knows of a cheapish place i could get this in the UK (don’t mind paying a bit more) I’m quite happy to go for this offer



Personally I am very wary of any ‘refurbished’ claims. In most cases here in the UK they are clearly straightforward used goods with no refurbishment what so ever.

This seller has a very large quantity of these drives. So I expect they are either returns from a large chain store or drives returned to the manufacturer as faulty, which might be repaired or tested OK, or could just have been sold off as a bulk lot untested.

Take note of the last line of the description:
"[B]Limited Warranty: 90 days direct with us - no direct warranty with manufacture[/B]"

That suggests that they probably have come from LG’s distributor, but they have now disowned them. If the drives have not been adequately tested and you receive a faulty drive, then you could be paying quite a lot to post it back to the states.

If the vendor was in the UK I might be tempted, but the risks of buying from abroad combined with the risks of a used drive are much to great for me.

If you do go ahead good luck and please let us know how you got on. :flower:


I have to agree with Ibex. If it was a local supplier, you might risk a refurbished unit, but sending back a faulty one in this case is prohibitively expensive compared to the worth of the drive.