Reliable, "resource-lite" freeware...?

Recently, I have used Ashampoo 7 software for backup. It had been very good–simple, relatively fast, easy to use, using about 50% resources that Nero uses.
Unfortunately, I need to change - again. I don’t really wish to but…
I have had a recent burning dvd problem which seems to indicate that the software is a problem. And payment overseas from this part of Asia is problematic.

I thought the solution might well be use of freeware backup software.So…
I was wondering if anyone here can recommend some reliable, simple to use, “resource lite” freeware?

Much appreciated,

I made the post above in another thread about 13 hours or so ago.

Since then, I have searched CD Freaks’ archives and I selected
NCH Express Burn from Tucows.

It met all my requirements. It will do CDs data and the like, but to do DVDs you have to upgrade($), I think. I have used NCH Express Burn once, and it did the trick ok.

Now, only thing is, I have to find freeware which can handle 700MB+ worth of data (DVD) for images. Better yet if it can handle low amounts of text data, as well as images(well over 700MB). Anyone here kind enough to recommend something?



check for the freewares
Nero lite, image burn, dvd decryptor, or DVD decryptor from dvdidle author: is the best site for freeware stuffs and lots of instructions

good luck