Reliable DVD Burner

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I am putting together a p.c. to be used for digital video editing etc. and I would like to know which DVD burners (brands & model) have proven to be the most reliable.

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Hey depetto…

It’s really a matter of preference. Don’t really know when you get down to what I would say to be the most popular 5 (NEC, BenQ, Liteon, Plextor, Pioneer) that it would be very difficult to say whats BEST. Jusr a matter of what your doing with it, looking at the various forums, looking at various tests and media capabilities and choosing what best suits your needs. IMO and from my experience, I like the NEC 3500. A lot of people will agree and a lot won’t. Like I said, it’s preference.


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What exactly do you mean with reliable? If it can do many burns in a row? If it’s not too picky with media? If it burns well on the lowers quality media?

Please clarify this a bit :slight_smile:

And btw… what do you need your DVDRW drive for? Just for burning to DVDR media, or do you want to do other things as well (read DVD media, burn and read CDR media… perhaps even DVD-RAM?). Quite important info :slight_smile:


I have two NEC 3500’s and am very satisfied with them - for the price point - I don’t think that there is any better 16x burner out there!!


And they burn +R’s too!!!:bigsmile:

Mostly I will be doing a lot of burning of mpeg2 files onto dvd. Speed is not that much of an issue as is a burner that is not troublesome. Basically I’m looking for a solid workhorse burner. So I’m just trying to find out what burners people have been having good luck with and which ones to stay away from.
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Hey Dave…

It’s time for you to start viewing the various Drive brand forums on this site. You will find all the info you need to make your own decision. It’s impossible for any of us to say which drive is better than the other. Only hints as what one person likes. But what I like may not be what another guy likes. It does take time as I can attest to. I spent several days reading before making my mind up on the NEC 3500. So if you have a laptop, jump in your easy chair and take some time to investigate.
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It’s fair to say that any of the major brands will do as you require which is fairly lightweight work. Some of the guys on here absolutely hammer them without many problems so you should be ok :slight_smile:

IMHO, I would recommend the BenQ 1620 or the NEC 3500. Good luck.