Reliable DVD burner for CDs



Hi there! I’m thinking about which good DVD burner to chose for high quality CD burning? Actually I am using a Liteon 1653, which does the job quite well.

But I will sell this one away to a friend and get me a new generation drive. Liteon 1673/93 seems to have some serious problems with CD burning (C2 errors, as report by this forum).

Feature wise I tend to go for a Benq 1640 (still inmature) or a Plextor (read about CD burning problems).

So with which burner am I gonna end? I would appreciate any suggestions plus reasons. :bow: :slight_smile:


I would get a Plextor. Sure there have been a couple of people that have had problems but not all of the drives are bad. My 2 (which I use all the time) have never had any problems buring cds.


I wouldn’t get a Plextor considering all the post about how they don’t burn cds. They all can’t be lying and besides that I never find a shortage of Plextor refurbished drives to buy. So what does that tell you.
I’m waiting on a 1640 just to have something to go with my 3500. If your in the USA they should be out sometime next month.
Good luck with what ever you buy.


Thanks guys! :slight_smile: I read some very promising results in the Liteon forum which leads me to think they resolved the audio-cd issues and made it a superb cd-burner again, also for copy protection.

So most probably I will get me a new Liteon.