Reliable CD-ROM Drives for use with Lite-On 48x?

I recently purchased a liteon 48x12x48 and was wondering what cdrom drives are recommended for use with it? I currently have a generic 32x max cdrom reader and therefore cannot utilise the maximum burn speed of the liteon when doing on the fly copies of my cd’s. Does brand matter or can I pick up pretty much any 48x+ drive? Is 56x the most reliable choice? I’m fairly new to these high speeds and am looking for some information. Thanks alot!

I am currently looking at this drive:

Any comments?

Check in at cdrlabs for reviews. I highly recommend getting another LiteOn, either a DVD drive or a CDRW. Considering the prices, why not?

Don’t know about the Acer/Benq 56x.

I have an Acer/Benq 52x CD-ROM & it is quite fast enough to match the Lite-On 48x. But, you must use scratch-free CDs with this drive to achieve top speed.

This drive just suffocates with scratched CDs.

Why don’t you buy an Asus 52x CD-ROM or even a Lite-On 52x?

Just search for Lite-On 52x on this forum.

According to all the reviews I’ve been reading, its down to either the 16x48 liteon dvd drive or the 52x liteon cdrom. I’m leaning heavily towards the dvd simply because it’d be nice to finally get a dvd drive in here. Are there any downsides to getting the dvd over the cdrom drive? The speed difference seems almost negligible according to the reviews I’ve seen but I’d like to hear some real-world experience.

Thanks for all the feedback so far, been very helpful!

The DVD drives tend to be a little slow at reading CDRW discs, my 163D reads them at about 16x. But since I don’t use RW discs, it’s not much of a problem.

Yea I have yet to ever use an RW disc so that shouldn’t be a problem for me either. Reads regular cd’s just fine then?

It’ll keep up with 48x “on-the-fly” CD copying, that fast enough?

Indeed :slight_smile: The order’s been placed!

$40 @ w/ free 2nd day fedex shipping :bigsmile:

Best of luck for your new drive. :cool:

Don’t forget to post your results. Will help many people who are in the same position.