Reliable Burning of Voice - How?

I am having problems burning CDs that work well on a variety of standard CD players. I would like hints on how I might improve the quality of the burn.

I subscribed to a “self-help” program that is distributed on casettes. Using Audio Cleaning Lab I copied the Casette to my hard disk as a WAV file. I then used Windows Media Player to burn the CD. No errors were noted.

My CD burner is an Iomega CD-RW ATAPI 16x10x40. I am using it with Windows XP and the drivers included with XP.

Interestingly, the problem seems to primarily with these voice tapes. I’ve successfully copied a number of my old vinyl records to CD and they seem to play well on other CD players.

Would slowing down the write speed be helpful? Does this option exist in the Windows Media Player. I wasn’t able to find it.

New Member, looking for help.

What settings exactly did you use when copying these tapes to WAV on your harddisk? What wav-codec is used (frequency settings etc)

Do these wav files play normally when you play these in for example winamp, or do they fail that too?

Thanks for your reply.

The files in question are:
Bit Rate: 1411 kbps
Sample Size: 16 bit
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate: 44 Khz
Audio Format: PCM

Your standard WAV file.

I don’t know which codec. My guess is “what ever comes with Windows XP”. I was unable to find a listing in the system settings to tell me.

The files play back fine using either the recording software, Audio Cleaning Lab, or the recording software Windows Media Player.

Thanks Again.


The symptoms of my problem recordings are skips, pauses as the laser seeks for the right track, and simply jumping a number of tracks and stopping.

I tried re-recording the orginal files, this time with my burner limited to 4x. From a very short test, this may have solved the problem. I’ll know more when listen to it on the way to work tomorrow morning.

If that did in fact solve the problem, I’d like to know “why”. Is it likely to be a limitation of the hardware, the burning software, the drivers, etc… (The answer is probably “yes”. <g>)

BTW, my PC is a 700Mhz Duron w/500 MB memory. I always close all other applications before burning a CD.

Thanks again for your help. This is a very interesting forum.


Dan, try Feurio! to do the burn

In some cases, burning audio at a higher speed on a less than A-brand medium will cause clicks and other noises…

Though your system should be well equipped to handle higher speeds, this is the first thing to try when clicks end up in burnt cds

And Feurio is great for burning audio, it is especially designed for that.

After re-burning it at 4x speed the CD played perfectly on my way to work this morning. That solved the problem.

I’ll take a look at Feurio and see how it works.

About Roxio statement in the moderator’s signature…I assume Roxio can be problematic and is not a “first choice” for CD burning. (I ask because I am tempted to purchase it sometime, but don’t want to waste $60-$90.)


From my experience, of all burning software, Roxio tends to be the cause of most problems…

If you search around this forum you can probably find much better alternatives (and more important, the reason why they are preferred over Roxio). There are several topics on ‘what is the best burner software’.

Everything always depends on your personal situation of course, but I’d rather spend my money on Ahead software (Nero & Feurio) than on Roxio. CloneCD is a good program when you want to backup those very hard to backup games and alike… :wink: