Reliable 8X DVD+RW's?

Hi !

If you have had experience with reliable 8X DVD+RW’s, please post about it (and, of course, which specific media you used).

I’m looking to get some, because I burn to RW media frequently (to view shows on my standalone DVD/Divx player).

Thanks !

It’s questionable that your standalone can manage them correctly.

I’ve been using these recently & so far they seem very good:-

Ricoh 8x DVD+RW - Media ID - RICOHJPN W21 (001)

I’ve included these 6x -RW as they’re probably the best available currently.

Verbatim 6x DVD-RW - Media ID - MKM 01RW6X01

It will rather depend on your burner as to whether either of these burn well.

In the USA, if you can find anything other than Ritek008, you’re doing better than me. Please post back if you do.

The Ritek008 is marginal in several burners here. LiteOn 165P6S is useless for it, my NEC 4550 with latest firmware is acceptable though error rates do get out of hand sometimes. Out of 15 of the Ritek, I’ve thrown away 2 so far because my players refused to mount them.

I have Memorex branded and Ridata branded (from Rima). the Ridata branded is slightly better, but this could just be batch variations.

Would more recent standalones be more likely to manage them ?

The standalone is a recent design, a Toshiba DVD/Divx player that only appeared about 6 months ago for the first time.

The Pioneer 111D writer should do reasonably well on the Ricoh W21 8x DVD+RWs, if the 110 results from the CD Freaks Review is any indication:

Well my Pioneer DVD player which is over 2 yrs old has no problems with whatever I throw at it.

The firmware since the review of the 110 has been improved so hopefully the 111 would already be taking advantage of thes improvements.

I’m using the Ricoh 8x +RW since a while with my Pio 110 - no problems so far.

Also I have a bunch of 6x -RW from Verbatim - also no problems and from various tests/reviews the best RW media you can actually buy!!

I rarely use RW media but I will vote Verbatim DVD+RW 8x: MKMA03. This media gives me good to excellent result in my burners.

This is one of the best scan. :slight_smile:

Nice burn.

Not seen these advertised at all. Next time I need some I’ll try and find these.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a great burn from RW media…?! :eek: Woaw. :cool:

That was burned in DRU-810A. And this one in DW1640 @8x.


And where did you get those in the USA?

As to the question about players and 8x RW, there’s no issue there. If it plays RW, it’ll play 8x RW.

Plain wrong. RW is different - they come in different revisions…

Not wrong at all, which you should know. As far as playback, all +RW is the same. I’ve fed 8x +RW to all manner of players with no trouble. The poster is talking about players, not burners.

It is wrong. Realize that I’ve read that he meant players/standalones, not burners. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you elaborate about these “revisions” of +RW and their compatibility with players? If this proves correct, this would be interesting information.

All kinds of recordable media come in different revisions and standards, DVD-R aswell as DVD+RW and DVD-RAM.
The burning ability is the one side: a suitable burner which supports that specific media from the hardware side, then the specific speeds the media were rated for also by hardware and firmware.
The other side is for reading/playing them.
What we have seen (mostly in earlier days) with CD-R and CD-RW also counts here.
First the hardware must support it, at the 2nd step the firmware/software must support it.
eg. a CD-R burned too fast (data/VCD/SVCD/etc.) can be either denied by the player/hardware to be recognized, or it will play sucky, or it will work if it is supported.
Same with other recordable media, DVD±R, DVD±RW and DVD-RAM.
RW media is still more complicated and different (and it will stay so most likely).
There are various RW specifications/levels which are incompatible to each other… we’ve already seen this years ago when HS-CD-RW and US-CD-RW were introduced.

That’s why I cam to this copnclusion:
If you have luck you can make your standalone/player capable to recognize/play such RW media within an firmware update. I see no other way to gain that capabilities.

As for the exact specs etc., I have to search a bit to find them… if anyone is interested.

Actually yes, for +RW, which was the point here… I don’t think there has been a revision for +RW during the last 12 months, but if there has, it would be nice to know. :slight_smile: - see my point?


I think this is interesting to start with:


Basically, Chef is making claims of incompatability of 8x +RW based on something other than personal experience.

So far, nobody has posted any problems with playback of these discs. I’ve used them in 4 different players with no issues at all. Any player that can playback +RW should be able to play these as well.