Reliable 4x Media

ive seen a range of 4x DVD-R media around, although the prices are still rather steep. up to £2 a disk in most cases.

Ive found this media:
£1.65 - Zero Defex Xtreme Purple DVD-R 4.7GB - 4x Speed - Generation 4
£1.92 - 4x Ritek media
£1.56 - 4x “ICE” media
£1.88 - Traxdata 4x (manufactured by Ritek)

i was wondering if any1 had any experiance on what media (above or otherwise) works best?


ps. im using an Pioneer 105

I have had excellent results with the 4x Ritek. Burn reliably in my Ao5 using Prassi Primo DVD at 4x for DVD2ONE’s output. Can be burned all the way to the edge with no freezing, pixelation etc. Have also burned at 4x with Instant Copy’s built in burner. My burner has been very picky with media, but seems to like the Ritek 4x and Taiyo yuden 2x. Cost more, but no coasters with either of these for me.