Reliable 24x CD-RW?

I have been storing my backups on 4-10x Sony CD-RW lately but they’re painful slow. So I thought that I could use some 16-24x CD-RWs but what brand should I choose? Verbatim, Sony, Memorex, Imation? I need something reliable. Thanks.

IMO…Verbatim. My 16-24x ones have lasted ages :slight_smile:

I suggest Verbatim, with Verbatim as an alternate choice. :smiley:

Seriously, I wouldn’t use any other brand for CD-RW, except Mitsubishi in Asia which is the same as Verbatim in other parts of the world.

And nothing like Memorex (and maybe Imation, but don’t know that) as you will get crappy Infodiscs that will be unreadable in MAXIMUM 3 months after the initial burn!

My discs were unreadable in 3 MINUTES maximum! [LTR-52327S CD burner…never made a coaster in it’s time until it saw those Memorex Infodisc POSs!]

IIRC, some of the Sony 4x discs are also made by Infodisc [and work fairly well], but I’m not sure if they have any faster discs, or [if they do] who they are made by.

I vote Verbatim/Mitsubishi.

Verbatim is a safe choice, but I’ve never had any problem also with Prodisc’s or CMC Magnetics’ CD-RWs…

Funny you should say that, pepst - I had some Datasafe branded Prodisc CD-RWs that lasted ages. To my knowledge (I gave them to my mum), they’re still going.

Well, the most common CD-RWs are Infodiscs, and these are certainly not the best.
CMC is rather uncommon but I think HP and TDK CD-RW are CMC. And as CMC’s CD-R are good, I have confidence in their CD-RW.

How are TDK cd-rw? where i can only find “high-speed” rw TDK branded…

Prodisc CD-RWs (4x and 12x) and DVD+RWs I own(ed) are/were great! All of them Smartbuy-branded. I’ve recenly dig out an awfully scratched 4x Smartbuy CD-RW, last written about 4 years old and I managed to retrieve all the data from it easily with my Pio 111, which is a so-so CD-reader! :smiley:

I’ve got some verbatim cd-rw 4x, for 5 years, and now some of them are skiping on my car player, since some of them have a nice scratch. I’m going to substitute them for TDK 12x