Reliability: PX-716A or PX-755A?

Here is my question for the experts in this forum:
My main concern is CD audio burn quality, and burn quality in general. Speed is not an issue. Would you advice to get the 716A or 755A ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s probably too soon to answer this question. The PX-755 has only been out a few weeks and primarily only in Europe (and Japan?).

The PX-755A seems to have good CD audio specs. I would say that in another month or two we will have enough data from enough different users to provide a reasonably reliable answer.

Let’s just hope that the PX-755A doesn’t have the early model problems that the PX-716A did…


I’ve got my PX-755A a few days ago. I have my own studio, and are also very interested in the audio burn quality. So I’ll post some scans of the audio quality from Verbatim azo media CD-R’s that I normaly use asap.