Reliability of dvd-ram disks removed of their type 2 cartridge

Hi everyones…thanks to read. I’ve bought a pack of 10 of those dvd-ram disks (click). What i’m wondering is once the disks are removed from the cartridge, are they more sensitive to the environment (dust/fingerprints…) compared to the bare dvd-ram disks sold without cartridge? I have an internal EIDE drive, Pioneer DVR-111D, wich of course doesn’t accepts cartridge dvd-ram disks. TIA for your reply.

They should be equal.
Just be careful when using them.

i use the cartridge ones, every time i want to use it, take it out. I am alot more careful with these than my dvd’s. Havent touched the discs yet on the data sides.

Thanks a lot for your informative replies.