Releases of DVD recordable drives likely to be delayed

I just posted the article Releases of DVD recordable drives likely to be delayed.

Digitimes reports that due shortage of key components ongoing and planned shipments of DVD-RW and DVD+RW drives in the current quarter are likely delayed till next year:

Supply of pick-up…

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This is complete crap! These poxy manufacturers should have been well and truly ready for shipping DVD ReWriters, infact really and truly we should have seen virtually an automatic switch from CD ReWriters to DVD ReWriters. Although useful and cheap, CD ReWriters are a thing of the past now. So are we moving forwards or what? And I still can’t believe this format nonsense is going on? Do we really care (and I mean REALLY care) what format we use as long as it does what it says on the packet? OK my feeling is that +R+RW will be dominant, it’s backed by Microsoft for one and is technically superior. Philips have affordable recorders out (DVDR880 and 890) to replace your crappy old VCRs…it’s only achilles heel is that the blanks are still expensive and hard to find in volume to buy. Sort it out…stop wasting joe publics time!

Well said!