Release of CopyToDVD 3.0 is near!


As the Dutch translator of CopyToDVD I’m proud to announce that the new version of CopyToDVD 3.0 will come out by the end of this month. The package will include (not official);

  • CopyToDVD 3.0
  • BlindWrite, latest version
  • VSO Media Player
  • Backup Scheduler
  • Erase tool for CD-RW and DVD-/+RW
  • Third party software intergration (such as DVD2One, DVD Decrypter and many more)

At this moment testing still takes place but is nearing the end. I can show a picture of the ‘Starter page’, from where all the programmes can be started.

Check the web page ( for the final release date and release information later this month.


Michel de Boer

Nice looking Icons. But will it support copying copy-protected DVD like DVD Decrypter?

Will this be a free upgrade for those of us who have already purchased


For copying copy-protected DVD’s you still have to use e.g. DVD-Decrypter. This is why CopyToDVD is legal software to use for copying DVD’s. It is possible to access DVD-Decrypter from the Menu insite CopyToDVD as also other third-party programmes.

I really don’t know anything about the pricing for updating from older versions of CopyToDVD. This you have to ask at the web site


Thanks ScorpioSoft. One can always hope:)

Will this be a free upgrade for those of us who have already purchased

As long as you are still within the 1 year of free updates window, yes it will be a free upgrade, and for anyone who recently purchased it.

Thanks Kamikazee!
BTW… I am really happy with CopytoDVD.
I did the trial and was so impressed, I bought it shortly thereafter. I’m a newbie on the DVD burning scene and there is just so much info out there it was overwhelming. Copyto DVD was very easy to use and it works flawlessly with DVD shrink. I recommend it whenever I can. Looking forward to the upgrade.


fyi , we sent the free upgrade to existing registered users.

so we will probably release this week end the major version 3.

I’m wondering if I received the upgrade, but it was sent to my bulk mail. I usually just empty that without ever looking through the messages. Will I be able to upgrade directly through the program?

Just recieved the email with Key and download link … Yes !!

Though I have a question. Does any know the differece between Blindwrite Lite (part of the CopytoDVD suite) and the full version of blindwrite ??


BlindWrite lite=won’t do the protected copy thing.